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13 Years Of Degradable Plastics Additives Technology

●R&D team composed of more than 100 top engineers + 13 years of R&D experience

●Wells Plastics Company's R&D achievements + developed countries in Europe and the United States have taken the lead in application

Application Scheme Of Oxygen Biodegradation

Easy Response To EU Green Packaging Act 2008

  • Application Scheme of Plastic Additives

    Plastic Additives

    Description: The product belongs to the field of biochemistry, involving a non-toxic, harmless and biodegradable additive and its biodegradable plastic products.

  • Degradable Plastic Environmental Bag

    Degradable Environmental Bag

    Description: Reusable shopping bags are good because they are environmentally friendly. On the contrary, disposable shopping bags are dangerous. In order to reduce waste, many cities have taken action to limit the use of plastic shopping bags.

  • Degradable Plastic Disposable Tableware

    Degradable Disposable Tableware

    Description: To test the quality of disposable chopsticks, it depends on whether the name, trademark and contact information of the manufacturer are printed on the package; the white chopsticks are often bleached; the sulfur-flavored chopsticks are not suitable for use.

  • Degradable Plastic Agricultural Film

    Degradable Plastic Agricultural Film

    Description: Degradable plastic film is a new type of plastic film produced to meet the needs of the society for environmental protection. The main raw material is the mixture of degradable masterbatch and plastic particle masterbatch.

Degradation Technology Research And Development

Leading Healthy Life And Creating Ecological Civilization

About Us

Genuine Oxo-Biodegradable Technology

About Us

           Qingdao Kiwi Bio-Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city – Qingdao, Shandong Province and was established in 2005 as a sole agent and distributor for oxo-biodegradable additives developed.Qingdao Kiwi Bio-Plastic Co., Ltd. was investd by New Zealand Company Kiwi Plastic Co., Ltd., which was established in 1989 and has been awarded as the “BEST MANUFACTURER” by Wellington Government in 1999. Kiwi Plastic Co., Ltd. mainly produces and supplies oxo-biodegradable plastic bags to Supermarkets, Government Departments and City Councils in New Zealand.Qingdao Kiwi Bio-Plastic Co., Ltd. is committed to promote and supply oxo-biodegradable additives to Mailand China, Taiwan and Hongkong to make our homeland and earth beautiful and green. We pledge that supermarket check-out bags, garbage bags and agricultural film be converted to oxo-biodegradable plastics that will help China to control the “ white pollutions”to our Homeland.


The Latest Technology Of Oxidizing Biodegradable Plastics Additives

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